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Getting Funded

Hot Tips for Creating a Scientific Special Interest Group at Your Institute

Universities are often organized by faculties, colleges, schools, and/or departments. So, as an academic, you often work closely with colleagues studying similar subject areas. A common interest, however, often transcends the boundaries of this organizational structure. Enter scientific special interest groups. What Are Scientific Special Interest Groups? Scientific special interest groups are member-led initiatives within…

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What the Heck Is “Training Potential,” Anyway?

As a newly-minted PhD, I began my postdoc with wild fellowship dreams. I set a schedule, applying to 1-2 fellowships a month. Research experience and broader impacts were a breeze. Research strategy and specific aims, with help from my new PI, solidified quickly. For weeks, however, my “training potential” document remained empty. At first, I…

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Early Career Stage Funding – Advice for Graduate Students and Post-Docs

Are you stressing about applying for grant funding early on in your career? Are you worrying about lack of preliminary data or lack of experience in your current field? Here are some tips that can help. Why Apply at an Early Stage of Your Career? All of your experiences build upon each other to strengthen…

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Writing a Successful Graduate Fellowship Application

The most obvious benefit of a graduate fellowship is the generous monetary support that pays for your stipend, tuition, and/or travel expenses. The not-so-obvious benefits of writing a graduate fellowship application come from being forced to analyze your research project and set realistic goals. This activity alone will make you reflect about who you are…

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What I Learned as a Grant Reviewer

A few years ago, when I was working for a biotechnology company, I got a special letter in the mail.  The NIH asked me to be an ad-hoc grant reviewer for small business grants. Although I drew these lessons from the NIH grant review process, they can probably be applied to many granting agencies.  If…

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I Got An NIH Grant, And You Can Too

Obtaining external funding for your project through an NIH grant is a coup at any career stage. However, obtaining one of these grants is much easier said than done. Here is some advice from someone who has been through it and lived to tell the tale.

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Your Supervisor Wants You to Apply for Funding

Whether you’re a grad student or a post-doc, the decision to apply for external funding should be a no-brainer. It is in both your boss’s and your own interests to do this and will undeniably help you in future career pursuits. But before you even sit down to write, it’s important to do your research…

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Could Crowd-Funding Work In Science?

In times of financial crisis, as we are currently experiencing, some governments think that it’s OK, or even wise, to cut down on funding for scientific research. Even though we know better, we are still faced with a situation in which it is much harder to get our science financed. Similar funding cuts have been…

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Top Tips for Getting Grants (Members Only Article)

Obtaining research funding is becoming increasingly difficult and competitive, with success rates varying between 10-30% depending on the funding body and country. With careful planning and preparation you can maximise your chances of success. Here a few tips to take into consideration: Research what funding and what types of funding are available. It’s worth spending…

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NIH Requests Applications for $120 Million in Research Grants

A heads-up for Bitesize Bio readers: The U.S. National Institutes of Health last week issued Requests for Applications (RFAs) for approximately $120 million in grants to aid research on alcoholism, cancer biomarkers, fertility, mentoring, and pathogens relevant to biodefense, among other areas. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) asks for $50-$55 million worth of plans for…

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Revising the NIH Grant Review Process

NIH analysis indicates that an increasing number of meritorious applicants that were ultimately funded had to resubmit their applications multiple times which increased burden on applicants and reviewers alike. How should the NIH address this problem?

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Enduring Grant Writing Edits

Staying in science – getting funding and getting peer reviewed – is tough. That’s one of my main gripes with creationist simpletons who imply that scientists are uncritical of their peers, and that criticism is directed solely at those who refuse to take their claims at face value. They have no clue whatsoever what they’re…

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