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Thomas Warwick

I'm a graduate Master of Chemistry who defected to the world of biosciences to complete a Ph.D. in Structural Biology at the University of Nottingham. My expertise lies in the structural analysis of chemicals, membrane proteins, and protein/DNA complexes via X-ray crystallography. Applications of these structures include therapeutic intervention of bacterial diseases, photovoltaic materials, and allosteric ion-receptors. When I'm not applying my faculties to all things protein expression, I am usually cycling, camping, or drinking tea.

Articles by Thomas Warwick:

Improving the Expression of Insoluble and Inactive Proteins Using Osmotic Shock

Discover a better way to improve the expression of your insoluble and inactive proteins using osmotic shock.

An image of a man punching liquid to depict improving protein expression using osmotic shock
06 Jul 2021 Cloning and Expression

Working with Membrane Proteins: Tips for Expressing, Extracting, and Purifying Your Membrane Protein Sample

Working with membrane proteins can be tricky. Read on to get tried-and-tested tips and tricks for expressing, extracting, and purifying these water-phobic proteins.

Image of soap bubbles to represent working with membrane proteins
15 Jun 2021 Protein Expression and Analysis
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