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Reproducibility: Mastering the Art of Pipetting

Thursday September 2nd 2021
9am London, 10am Berlin, 11am Moscow


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Dr. Barbara Siefker

Product Marketing Manager


Ulrike Gast_Image

Dr. Ulrike Gast

Application Specialist Manual Liquid Handling and Pipette Calibration Service

Have you ever transferred glycerol or ethanol with a pipette? Most people KNOW that this can be challenging. But often, they do NOT KNOW which liquid handling system is best to use in this case.

While you may already realize that your liquid type and pipetting technique have the power to influence your analysis results, you might be wondering how you can improve your pipetting technique.

Eppendorf has spent the last 60 years researching the physics of pipetting. In this webinar, they will share this knowledge with you and show you how to optimize the handling of liquids using some simple tricks, ensuring that "the pipette" does not influence your analysis results.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • How different liquid types can influence pipetting accuracy;
  • Different liquid handling techniques and the best approach to adopt for each liquid type;
  • How to implement a good pipetting technique to improve the accuracy of your results.
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Image of two scientists pipetting to represent the importance of a good pipetting technique
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